Starboard Apparel presents – The Waterman Collection

Starboard Apparel presents – The Waterman Collection

DATE December 2, 2014
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2014 has been a remarkable year for water-sports around the world. The Stand Up World Tour and Stand Up World Series have just recently ended one of the most invigorating seasons, the PWA is looking more competitive than ever, the ASP World Surfing Tour is headed for one of the most memorable title race finishes in history and Big Wave Surfing has solidified itself in the water-sports arena by having one of their most historic seasons ever. Water sports are at a stage of greatness.

As outsiders looking in, the water-sports world is at its most prolific period since the turn of the century. Just take a look at your local beach and you will see how participants from all board-sports have increased exponentially in the last five years. We are part of this new movement where we are not bound to a specific board sport. We surf or stand-up-paddle when the waves are good and when the wind is up, we pull our windsurf or kite gear out and continue our quest for never ending stoke. As modern day water sports enthusiasts, we can proudly associate ourselves as being part of the Waterman Movement.

Now, as this term has been thrown around quite cautiously over the last decade without out much resolution; what does it mean to be a waterman? Simply put, it is to be out on the water having fun, sharing and doing what we all love so dearly – riding a board of our choice.

This season, Starboard has designed and developed all of our gear with this one defining testament in mind and it is with great pride that Starboard presents The Waterman Collection – inspired by the water, wind and waves.

Check out our new Waterman Collection here: The Waterman Collection

Behind the scenes, the making of the Waterman Collection:


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