Starboard 2015 Summer Collection

Starboard 2015 Summer Collection

DATE April 8, 2015
Categories Clothing

Starboard is a brand that is part of the ongoing evolution of modern day water-sports by being pioneers and innovators in the SUP, Windsurf and Surfing spheres. Through this we have developed everyday water-wear, to cater to your every need.

Using the symbolic Tiki symbol from the ancient fun loving godking of the water and waves –Tiki Vichara, we have put the Waterman and Tiki Lifestyle at the heart of every product created. Our inspiration has come from the island way of life where community and togetherness is essential and a natural respect for the ocean is born, bringing a vibrant energy to our range of clothing.

We believe the modern day waterman has an affinity for performance, lifestyle, music and style. It was from this passion that our 2015 Summer Collection was conceptualized and developed. By encapsulating the beach-inspired look and feel and combined with functionality, the collection offers the best of both worlds – in and out the water.

The Collection is a well-balanced range of performance apparel to urban wear that keeps the same beach-inspired look and feel throughout. So whether you are a year round water sport enthusiast in need of a Paddle Jacket or a summertime beach goer who lives life in a pair of Boardies this collection has something for you.


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