The focus has been to design and build a layering system that is lightweight and flexible, while keeping your body at its optimum temperature during performance.

This is achieved using materials such as the 100% waterproof and windproof Clima-Core, which is adaptable to varying weather conditions, breathable and lightweight. In addition to this, thermal fabrics will trap warm air and wick moisture away from the body, while Aerodome Neoprene will provide ventilation, buoyancy and flexibility.

Consisting of base, mid and outer layers, the system has been designed specifically to help regulate your body temperature according to environmental conditions.

A combination of pieces can be worn together to keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest of climates, or individually in the milder conditions.



Clima-Core is a 100% wind and waterproof, breathable membrane, which reacts to changing body temperatures whilst providing protection from external weather conditions. Depending on the level of activity and climate, the fabric allows for increased breathability or heat retention respectively.
• 100% Waterproof and Windproof
• Temperature Regulating
• Breathable


Hydro-Dry thermal insulation fabric offers dual functionality. The thermal fleece fabric is composed of a wicking outer layer and a soft fleece inner layer, keeping you dry and snug.
• Hydrophobic
• Insulating thermal fleece inner layer
• Quick drying


Climashield is a lightweight, durable and compressible insulation material. It is comprised of a continuous filament, which means that it does not tear, clump or separate with repeated use or washes. It maintains warmth when wet, whilst retaining it’s breathability and wicking properties.
• Lightweight
• Temperature regulating
• Wicking


A natural fiber with incredible wicking capabilities, its molecular structure absorbs moisture moving it away from the skin, keeping you dry and minimizing odor. It is soft and warm, yet remains breathable, helping to regulate your body’s temperature. Merino wool fibers have a natural elasticity so along with the knitted construction the fabric is perfect for active-wear.
• Natural Fiber
• Wicking
• Temperature Regulating


A multi-layer construction that offers breathability, flexibility and temperature regulation. Aerodome Neoprene consists of a layer of rubber with punched out holes, sandwiched between layers of jersey lycra to create air pockets. The internal dimples within the rubber provide ventilation while regulating your body temperature. The material structure maximizes freedom of movement.
• Breathable
• Flexible
• Temperature Regulating






A combination of superior technical fabrics and high tensile print compress and support key muscle groups for optimum performance. Varying the amount of compression through considered placement of fabrics promotes increased blood flow to supply more oxygen to muscle tissue. The high tensile print restricts the fabric stretch to help retain correct posture and support your muscles when they are fatigued.
• Increased blood circulation
• Improved posture
• Reduced muscle fatigue


Oxygene ESF is a premium technical fabric designed specifically for use in salt or chlorinated water and can withstand the harsh UVA/UVB rays from the sun. The elastane woven within the fabric is treated to stop it degrading so it will withstand hours of paddling. The fabric is super light- weight yet remains durable and pile resistant. Breathable and quick drying to help prevent chafe it is also incredibly stretchy allowing full range of movement even when wet.
• Durable: Salt, chlorine and UVA/UVB resistant
• Superior multi-stretch
• Quick drying