2016 Summer Waterwear

To maximize your performance and comfort on the water, we have built the Lightweight & Functional Collections for Summer.

The Lightweight Collection offers the lightest and most flexible products in our range. With the use of lightweight fabric technology, this collection strives for non-restrictive movement, protection from the elements and improved performance.

Items in the Lightweight Collection include our Ultra Lite fabric that offers fast moisture wicking and a comfortable fit. While the Shelter Series, built from our Shelter Technology offers protection from harsher elements such as windy and rainy conditions.

Sunburn and wax chafe can be extremely uncomfortable and affect performance, which can make sessions less enjoyable. This is why the Functional Collection consists of the essential pieces for everyday water activity that are lightweight, flexible, quick drying and have UV Protection. The items in this collection are designed to keep you in the water for longer, by giving you comfort and protection all session long.

Below you will find key technologies for 2016 used in the Lightweight and Functional Collections, perfect for water sports activities such as SUP, Windsurf and Surf, backed up by Starboard Innovation Quality.



The Ultra-Lite Technology is a skin series fabric composed of a single layer, ultra-light denier construction that wicks moisture quickly while offering protection from the elements. The anti-odor composition within the fabric prevents the growth of microbes.
– Moisture Wicking
– Lightweight
– Quick Dry

S Series Lite


This lightweight and quick-drying polyester wicking material is designed to keep you dry and performing at optimum levels. It does this by drawing away moisture from the skin and creating an evaporating effect through the fabric to help keep riders comfortable and dry during strenuous activities.
– Moisture Wicking
– Lightweight
– Quick Dry

S Series Ultra Lite


The Waterproof, Windproof and Rip-Stop Construction properties of the Shelter Technology offer protection against harsh weather conditions. Shelter Technology is built from an ultra light; technical fabric which offers abrasive resistance, comfort and protection.
– Durable Rip-Stop Construction
– Waterproof
– Windproof

S Series Shelter


This hydrophobic micro-stretch polyester is a woven fabric, built from PET synthetic materials that offer increased flexibility and comfort. The 4-Way Stretch performs on a dual axis path, pulling length and widthwise thereby improving your range of movement and allowing you to push your limits in greater comfort. A free flowing, ultra-lightweight fabric that is soft on the skin, taming the dreaded abrasion experienced in water sports. A DWR (Durable Water-Repellency) coating has been applied to allow the fabric to dry in a flash and will keep you feeling comfortable.
– Dual-Axis Super Stretch
– Quick Dry DWR Coating
– Lightweight

4-Way Stretch


Made from 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra making this nylon knit fabric ultra stretchy with four-way stretch and a smooth hand feel. The stretch property increases mobility while the UV coating provides protection from the elements. With quick-dry technology the lycra keeps you dry and comfortable in the water.
– Super Stretch
– UV Protection
– Quick Drying

Nylon Lycra


The luxuriously soft internal lining of the Neoskin allows for enhanced comfort and enjoyment. A super stretchy and smooth Neoprene surface protects you from wind chill and allows for greater flexibility in the water. The Neoskin offers water and UV resistance.
– Water Resistant
– UV Protection
– Luxuriously Soft Internal Lining




2016 Winter Layering System

With this collection the focus has been to design and build a layering system that is lightweight and flexible while keeping your body at it’s optimum temperature during performance. Built from 100% waterproof and windproof weather adapting materials that are breathable and lightweight, the thermal fabrics trap warm air and wick moisture away from the body while the Aerodome Neoprene increases ventilation, buoyancy and flexibility.
The products in this collection will keep you warm and comfortable while still giving you the freedom of movement in the coldest of climates. A well-planned collection built on a layering system to systematically regulate your body temperature according to the environmental conditions. Consisting of base, mid, and outer layers, all pieces can be worn individually or together as part of the layering system.



The Clima-Core Technology is a wind and waterproof membrane, which independently reacts to changing temperatures and activities. Depending on the situation, breathability or heat-retention increases or decreases. As a result, this controls your body temperature. This membrane is durable, 100% wind and waterproof and therefore provides protection in all weather conditions.
– 100% Waterproof
– 100% Windproof
– Breathable



Hydrophobic Thermal Technology offers dual functionality, the thermal fleece fabrics are composed of water wicking outer layer and a soft fleece inner layer, keeping you dry and snug.
– Insulating Layer
– Water Resistant
– Quick Drying



A multi-layer construction that offers breathability, flexibility and temperature regulation, Aerodome Neoprene is made by sandwiching sheets of neoprene together with air pockets in the middle layer. The internal dimples within the rubber provide ventilation while regulating your body temperature. The material structure allows for enhanced flexibility while maximizing freedom of movement.
– Waterproof
– Flexible
– Temperature Regulating